Goverdhan Shoppe is a venture to provide Indian customers holy products that are pure and healthy to breathe which is not actually common even in a competitive environment . We prepare products that come straight from our cow shed and are strictly prepared using punch gavya elements : Gomutra, Cow dung, Cow Milk, Curd and Ghee.

We owe our own farm in Gram Bhadoli, Noida. We experiment, learn and manufacture our products for a healthy use by our customers.

How Are We Different ?

Our products are not harmful for your environment and are freshly prepared from our cow shed. We strictly use natural and environment friendly products, which act as an ozone for your family. You can use it in your home as well as in your offices without any hesitation.

Punch gavya Elements

Gomutra, Cow dung, Cow Milk, Curd and Ghee are used, which are freshly prepared from our healthy cows. These products are healthy to breath, safe and germ free for cleaning and even protect from mosquitoes.